Chrome sets cursor to text while dragging, why?

My application has many drag and drop features. While dragging I want the cursor to change to some grab cursor. Internet Explorer and Firefox work fine for this, but Chrome always changes the cursor to the text cursor. Answer None of these solutions worked for me because it’s too much code. I use a custom … Read more

JavaScript Scale Text to Fit in Fixed Div

In JavaScript/jQuery, how can I scale a varying-length line of text inside a fixed-width Div so that the one line always fits inside the Div (as one line)? Thanks. Answer This is somewhat of a hack, but will do what you want. <div id=”hidden-resizer” style=”visibility: hidden”></div> Place this at the bottom of your page, where … Read more

Interspace between text Lines in React native

I need to change the space between lines in a text in a React Native for both android and iOS. This is the code in the styles pages: text: { color: ‘#C0C0C0’, fontSize: 18, textAlign: ‘justify’, } Answer Use lineHeight – text: { color: ‘#C0C0C0’, fontSize: 18, textAlign: ‘justify’, lineHeight: 30, }, AttributionSource : Link … Read more

How to add text to an existing div with jquery

I want to add text to an existing div, when I click the Button with the id #add. But this is not working. Here my code: $(function () { $(‘#Add’).click(function () { $(‘<p>Text</p>’).appendTo(‘#Content’); }); }); <script src=””></script> <div id=”Content”> <button id=”Add”>Add</button> </div> I hope you can help me. Answer You need to define the button … Read more