How to keep the portfolio updated while working at design studios?

In my experience, when you work with branding agencies or design studios or organisation of such nature, you are kind of bound by law or contract not to disclose your work for a certain period of time which is understandable because the clients the studios work for may not be comfortable with it before they … Read more

Book cover design and royalties

I have a client who would like a book cover design and wants to use it for unlimited publishing. For the designers who have experience with this have you negotiated royalties? Or just accepted the project for a flat rate? Answer It’s up to you, and quite often it’s situation dependant. If it’s a very … Read more

Industry standard file format deliverables for logos? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Logo Pack – What should I include? (4 answers) Closed 6 years ago. During an academic discussion regarding file formats I received from a most excellent designer, I thought I was correct in writing (based on my experience with hired work): …the industry standard for logos is vector… I … Read more

Is it an usual practice to request portfolio rights?

I’m an amateur graphic designer. I’ve been doing work for local companies and initiatives for just over a year now. I recently got a job designing for a pretty big client (by my standards). They wanted me to sign over ALL of my rights. I asked for portfolio rights (only the right to display it … Read more