Crop a Bitmap image

How can i crop a bitmap image? this is my question i have tried some concepts using intents but still fail.. I am having a bitmap image which i want to crop!! here is the code : Intent intent = new Intent(“”); intent.setClassName(“”, “”); File file = new File(filePath); Uri uri = Uri.fromFile(file); intent.setData(uri); intent.putExtra(“crop”, … Read more

Crop image in PHP

The code below crops the image well, which is what i want, but for larger images, it wotn work as well. Is there any way of ‘zooming out of the image’ Idealy i would be able to have each image roughly the same size before cropping so that i would get good results each time … Read more

How do I crop an animated gif using ImageMagick?

There’s plenty of information about cropping images, but attempting to crop (or trim) animations produces strange results. Sometimes they flicker, or come with extra frames, or some frames crop correctly and others become offset. How do I prevent all this from happening? Answer convert input.gif -coalesce -repage 0x0 -crop WxH+X+Y +repage output.gif Animated gifs are … Read more

What’s the algorithm to calculate aspect ratio?

I plan to use it with JavaScript to crop an image to fit the entire window. Edit: I’ll be using a 3rd party component that only accepts the aspect ratio in the format like: 4:3, 16:9. ~12 year old edit: this kind of question is rather interesting! There is something here right? Absolutely! Answer I … Read more

Android Crop Center of Bitmap

I have bitmaps which are squares or rectangles. I take the shortest side and do something like this: int value = 0; if (bitmap.getHeight() <= bitmap.getWidth()) { value = bitmap.getHeight(); } else { value = bitmap.getWidth(); } Bitmap finalBitmap = null; finalBitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmap, 0, 0, value, value); Then I scale it to a 144 … Read more