How to get GTA type Cartoon Effect In Photoshop CS5?

I’m new to Photoshop and was wondering how to achieve this sort of cartoon effect. I looked everywhere, youtube, blogs and stuff but still non were close to what I’m looking for. Look at the picture for clarity: image from I tried the following but didn’t get what I was looking for: Made a … Read more

How can I import multi-page AI files or PDFs to InDesign CS5.5?

I’m currently using Adobe InDesign CS5.5 and Illustrator CS5.1. I’m working on a school project in which I have to make a book in InDesign and I would like to import either an AI file or PDF created in AI which has 4 artboards in it to ID. Are there any ways to directly import … Read more

Adobe Illustrator CS5: How can I make sure the distances between all points on two paths are the same?

I have just started to play around with Adobe Illustrator. How can I make sure distance between path are the same in all of the points. Please see this image for example: Any suggestion much appreciated. Answer There are two ways I can think of off the top of my head: 1) Measure tool … Read more

Elliptical Marquee Tool – Adjusting after selection Photoshop CS5

How do I refine/adjust my selection after? Right now, I just randomly click in the top left hand corner and drag until I get the desired outline, but this seems very inefficient. Here is an example of the circle images and one of my attempts to select around it. Answer If I understand correctly you’d … Read more

Apply an overlay layer to a single layer, and then adjust the result of that?

So I just purchased the CS5.5 Master Collection, I’m an enthusiast 🙂 I have a question pertaining to blending layers and applying adjustments in Photoshop. How do I apply an adjustment layer to a blended layer, while only having the blended layer affecting one layer beneath it, and then having the adjustment layer apply only … Read more