What version of Adobe Illustrator do I need to downsave my files to (for customers) in order for all versions to be compatible?

I am busy designing illustrations in Adobe Illustrator for a customer, and they have kindly asked me to save my illustrator files so it is compatible with all versions, and they don’t run into any problems. I would just like to know which version I should save it as? The options are: CS6, CS5, CS4, … Read more

Photoshop CS6: selecting all shapes contained inside a rectangular area

In PowerPoint, Visio, and many other programs, there’s a “rectangle selection” mode which allows selecting a group of objects by drawing a rectangle with the mouse. All objects which are fully contained within that rectangle are included in the selection. Objects which are not fully contained within the rectangle are not selected. Does Photoshop CS6 … Read more

Photoshop CS6: Pen/Custom Shape Fill & Stroke Color Options are Locked?

I’m new to Photoshop, and am teaching myself. In playing with the pen and custom shape tool I’ve noticed that the Fill and Stroke settings for “Shape” appear to be locked. I cannot click to change them and don’t get any kind of drop down like in other tools. I’ve tried making sure I’m on … Read more

Game sprites with Illustrator CS6

I redesigned this sprite sheet, based on Mega Man X in falcon armor. I designed it with Illustrator CS6 but when I exported it as a .png file and then imported it to PS CS6, I found that the character shook his whole body like crazy, while my aim was just breathing animation (head, chest … Read more