Chrome sets cursor to text while dragging, why?

My application has many drag and drop features. While dragging I want the cursor to change to some grab cursor. Internet Explorer and Firefox work fine for this, but Chrome always changes the cursor to the text cursor. Answer None of these solutions worked for me because it’s too much code. I use a custom … Read more

Drag and drop onto Python script in Windows Explorer

I would like to drag and drop my data file onto a Python script and have it process the file and generate output. The Python script accepts the name of the data file as a command-line parameter, but Windows Explorer doesn’t allow the script to be a drop target. Is there some kind of configuration … Read more

How do I duplicate item when using jquery sortable?

I am using this method to connect two lists that i have. I want to be able to drag from list A to list B but when the item is dropped, i need to keep the original one still in list A. I checked the options and events but I believe there is nothing … Read more

Precise Drag and Drop within a contenteditable

The Setup So, I have a contenteditable div — I’m making a WYSIWYG editor: bold, italics, formatting, whatever, and most lately: inserting fancy images (in a fancy box, with a caption). <a class=”fancy” href=”i.jpg” target=”_blank”> <img alt=”” src=”i.jpg” /> Optional Caption goes Here! </a> The user adds these fancy images with a dialog I present … Read more

How to mimic two-finger scroll/drag gesture on ios simulator?

I have a scroll page that I specified two fingers minimum. It works on my device, but don’t know how to mimic this gesture on Simulator. I can mimic one-finger scroll without problem. I’ve tried option/ctrl/shift etc, but couldn’t get it work. Maybe my combination is wrong. Anyone knows how? Thanks. Answer Holding the “Alt/Option” … Read more

Android Google Maps: disable dragging in MapFragment

Can I disable drag functionality when the user tries to drag the map with his fingers without disturbing the Zoom in and Zoom out? Any one please suggest an idea of doing this! Thanks for your Precious help!! Answer You can disable dragging in MapFragment using: googleMap.getUiSettings().setScrollGesturesEnabled(false); AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Mahe … Read more

How to distinguish if a file or folder is being dragged prior to it being dropped?

I am trying to detect if a folder or a file is dragged in the dragover or dragenter events. For example: In the ondrop event, there is an argument called MouseEvent, which has a field named dataTransfer, where are listed files (.files) or items (.items), depending on the browser, and I can read that in … Read more