How to place multiple evenly-spaced arrowheads along an SVG line?

I am new to SVG and I am trying to draw a straight line between two points. I managed so far by using this command: <line x1=”50″ y1=”50″ x2=”150″ y2=”150″ style=”stroke:rgb(255,255,0); stroke-width:2″ stroke-dasharray=”5,3″ />” What is the simplest way to add tiny triangles or arrow heads (evenly spaced) over this line in order to indicate … Read more

Draw arrow on canvas tag

I want to draw an arrow using the canvas tag, javascript. I’ve made it using the quadratic function, but I’m having problems to calculate the angle of rotation of the arrow… Anyone have a clue on this? Thank you Answer As simple as I can get it. You’ll have to prepend context.beginPath() and append context.stroke() … Read more

How to generate an image from text on fly at runtime

Can anyone guide how to generate image from input text. Image might have any extension doesn’t matter. Answer Ok, assuming you want to draw a string on an image in C#, you are going to need to use the System.Drawing namespace here: private Image DrawText(String text, Font font, Color textColor, Color backColor) { //first, create … Read more

how to stop flickering C# winforms

I have a program that is essentially like a paint application. However, my program has some flickering issues. I have the following line in my code (which should get rid of flickering – but doesn’t): this.SetStyle(ControlStyles.AllPaintingInWmPaint | ControlStyles.UserPaint | ControlStyles.DoubleBuffer, true); my code(minus the super and sub classes for the shapes is as follows: using … Read more

Why is UIBezierPath faster than Core Graphics path?

I was playing around with drawing paths, and I noticed that in at least some cases, UIBezierPath outperforms what I thought would be a Core Graphics equivalent. The -drawRect: method below creates two paths: one UIBezierPath, and one CGPath. The paths are identical except for their locations, but stroking the CGPath takes roughly twice as … Read more