Why has the notification “Disk not ejected properly” changed in Mojave?

Whenever my iMac wakes from sleep I find ‘hundreds’ of “Disk not ejected properly” notifications.This has only started since an upgrade to Mojave. Is there an obscure setting that I can change to avoid this annoyance? Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : RobBW , Answer Author : Community

Time Machine fails to eject disk (sparesebundle) on Time Capsule, then cannot mount on different Mac

Have MacA and MacB running TM and backing up to the same Time Capsule. TC has the internal drive and two attached USB drives – same problem occurs on all of them. Both Macs are latest version – 10.15.7, and TC is the terminal version 7.9.1 MacB will frequently show a “Failed to eject diskX” … Read more

External hard drive not recognised on Mac – Problem when using diskutil command on Terminal to eject it

I have an external Seagate hard drive that is recognised and works on Windows computers but not on my MacBook Air which I am currently using. I have looked at a lot of tutorials regarding this, and I have edited my preferences so that external disks are to be displayed on the desktop and on … Read more

Ejecting USB-Partitions on boot – works but not entirely

I have an USB drive with four partitions. SuperDuper uses these partitions to back up my mac. Since SuperDuper is scheduled, I have the USB drive constantly connected. But quite frankly the noise of the USB drive is driving me nuts. So I eject the partitions every time I boot the mac up. SuperDuper is … Read more

External HDD unmounting unexpectedly

An externally-powered WD My Book Essential, 3TB, which I use for Time Machine and other file storage, recently began “ejecting itself” from my iMac. In an attempt to repair the disk from Disk Utility, I came across these logs: kernel[0]: jnl: disk1s2: replay_journal: from: 99262464 to: 99508224 (joffset 0x2bae000) kernel[0]: jnl: disk1s2: journal replay done. … Read more

Reconnect an external HDD after proper ejection [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Remount drive without physically disconnecting? (5 answers) Closed 7 years ago. After I “properly eject” an external HDD or USB stick, can I “reconnect” it without physically unplugging it? Answer Yes, you can! If you eject the USB HDD by selecting this option: Then all you need to do … Read more