What is the difference between COM and OLE?

What is the difference between COM and OLE, if any? Answer OLE = Object Linking and Embedding DDE = Dynamic Data Exchange COM = Component Object Model OLE: This is a method of linking parts of one document to parts of another. For example, having a PowerPoint slide with an Excel chart embedded into it. … Read more

Alternatives to Lua as an embedded language?

I am working on an embedded system running Linux on a DSP. Now we want to make some parts of it scriptable and we are looking for a nice embeddable scripting language. These scripts should integrate nicely with our existing C++ code base, be small and fast. I understand that Lua is the industry choice … Read more

What does this GCC error “… relocation truncated to fit…” mean?

I am programming the host side of a host-accelerator system. The host runs on the PC under Ubuntu Linux and communicates with the embedded hardware via a USB connection. The communication is performed by copying memory chunks to and from the embedded hardware’s memory. On the board’s memory there is a memory region which I … Read more

Will printf still have a cost even if I redirect output to /dev/null?

We have a daemon that contains a lot of print messages. Since we are working on an embedded device with a weak CPU and other constraint hardware, we want to minimize any kinds of costs (IO, CPU, etc..) of printf messages in our final version. (Users don’t have a console) My teammate and I have … Read more

Simple serial point-to-point communication protocol

I need a simple communication protocol between two devices (a PC and a microcontroller). The PC must send some commands and parameters to the micro. The micro must transmit an array of bytes (data from sensor). The data must be noise protected (besides parity checking, I think I need some other data correction method). Is … Read more

What are the available interactive languages that run in tiny memory? [closed]

Closed. This question needs to be more focused. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it focuses on one problem only by editing this post. Closed 3 years ago. Improve this question I am looking for general purpose programming languages that have an interactive (live coding) prompt … Read more

Why is C++ template use not recommended in a space/radiated environment?

By reading this question, I understood, for instance, why dynamic allocation or exceptions are not recommended in environments where radiation is high, like in space or in a nuclear power plant. Concerning templates, I don’t see why. Could you explain it to me? Considering this answer, it says that it is quite safe to use. … Read more