Flex-grow in Figma auto layout?

Say I have the following layout: —-Left Component–Central Component–Right Component— The parent component has a fixed width. I’d like Figma to auto-resize the width of left component and the right component based on available space, that is, the parent’s width minus the central component’s width. In CSS, I can achieve this via the flex-grow property. … Read more

How to make a cozy-soft border radius

I was on Dribbble and saw this shot. They made this seemingly normal-looking border-radius yet it looks different. How would you achieve this in Figma or AdobeXD? Shot link Answer You can achieve this look by clicking the 3 dots near the corner radius in Figma and playing with smoothing, unfortunately, XD can’t read corner … Read more

How do I get Figma to list things NOT backwards?

Thing are backwards. Stuff on top of page are is listed on the bottom. Things listed in horizontal frames are listed right(first) to left(last). Answer The layers are shown in the correct order. They aren’t backwards. I think you are perhaps misunderstanding the concept of layers in graphic design software. The following explanation isn’t just … Read more

How to undo or ignore component changes in Figma when publishing asset library?

In making changes to some components, I edited the wrong button-component for a second. Figma is tracking the change, and wants to publish it to update the library it’s in. I don’t want it to update, I want to ignore the change or revert it back to the original. I know I can un-check the … Read more