Larger “xterm” fonts on HIDPI displays

After several years of happily using different terminal emulators like Konsole, Gnome-TERMINAL, and lately XFCE Terminal in their appropriate desktop environments, I decided to use good old xterm with its bitmap fonts. It works just fine, it supports Unicode, and the default fixed font family contains characters from nearly all languages, which is great. But … Read more

How do I change the screen font size when using a virtual console?

Using LDXE and Ubuntu, I can log into a virtual console via Ctrl+Alt+F1. The text is far too small. How do I change the screen resolution to get a larger font? Answer You should edit the file /etc/default/console-setup and change the FONTSIZE variable. Once you’ve made your changes you must reconfigure your terminal by running: … Read more

Do any open source Linux terminals and fonts support ligatures?

The PragmataPro Font has some really killer examples where they render == as a single character and clean up a lot of other stuff. Would any Linux terminals support this? And are there any alternatives to PragmataPro? Answer So there are a few open source fonts targeting programmers that support ligatures, namely FiraCode Hasklig Monoid … Read more

Font rendering issue in urxvt — too much space between characters

Starting earlier today I am getting font rendering issues with rxvt-unicode. Specifically with many fonts I get an abundance of extra space between characters. In other fonts rxvt refuses to change sizes. Here is an example of the spacing issue between urxvt and xterm. The fonts resources: URxvt*font: xft:Terminus:medium:size=10 xterm*faceName: xft:Terminus:medium:size=10 And the renderings urxvt … Read more

Is there a unix command line tool that can analyze font files?

Given a directory of font files (TTF and OTF) I’d like to inspect each font and determine what style (regular, italic, bold, bold-italic) it is. Is there a command line tool for unix flavored operating systems that can do this? Or does anyone know how to extract the metadata from a TTF or OTF font … Read more