Firefox and Chrome slow on localhost; known fix doesn’t work on Windows 7

Firefox and Chrome are known to be slow on localhost when IP6 is enabled. In previous versions of Windows, the simplest fix is to comment out this line from the hosts file, as explained in the answer to this question. ::1 localhost However, as noted in this question, in Windows 7 this line is already … Read more

Where to see font files loaded by chrome in the inspector?

What tab in chrome inspector shows the font files you’re loading via font-face? I can’t find it under resources. I’m having an issue where one group of font-family files are loading, but another font-family is not. I have checked everything from going directly to the URL and seeing they are indeed present, but I would … Read more

Chrome sets cursor to text while dragging, why?

My application has many drag and drop features. While dragging I want the cursor to change to some grab cursor. Internet Explorer and Firefox work fine for this, but Chrome always changes the cursor to the text cursor. Answer None of these solutions worked for me because it’s too much code. I use a custom … Read more

react dev tools not loading in Chrome browser

I’m debugging an application which uses React.js, the Chrome Extensions list clearly shows that the React Developer Tools are installed, and when i access the React site at i can clearly see a “React” tab in the developer tools window. Yet when i’m debugging my application i see this in the console: Download the … Read more

How to change the default browser used by jupyter notebook in windows

I’m on a windows machine without admin right and I would like to run jupyter on chrome, while the default browser is another. I have a local installation of the Anaconda distribution and my first option to start jupyter would be through the Anaconda Navigator, but maybe I have to do something else. Because it … Read more

Chrome rendering issue. Fixed position anchor with UL in body

There is a rendering issue with Google Chrome and Opera (why?=) with such code: <html> <style> #content { width: 150px; background: gray; } #sidebar { position: fixed; left: 200px; background: gray; } </style> <body> <div id=”sidebar”> <a href=”#s1″>Link #1</a><br/> <a href=”#s2″>Link #2</a> </div> <div id=”content”> <div id=”s1″> <a href=”#s1″>Link #1 TARGET</a> <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit … Read more