Adobe Illustrator – Apply brush to single stroke in appearance panel

Trying to create a graphic style. Basically, it is multiple strokes applied with different widths, opacity, etc. I wanted to see if it was possible to apply a brush to a single stroke within the style – in other words, one of the stroke items on the appearance panel. There doesn’t seem to be an … Read more

How to use Clip and Set in Inkscape by filling only the borders of the object, not the interior

I want to fill the outline of my object with another image. If I use Clip & Set, my object gets all filled. My current object is a cat: The black color should be replaced by an image, the interior of the cat should stay transparent. How to get it? Answer Remove the fill, if … Read more

How do you decide the text direction when written in vertical direction?

Every other design for social media, I face this problem. I discussed this in room also. I came to know that different countries have different views. They also gave examples about book spine. Which I couldn’t understand very well. Now I know it can be opinion based. But I also know this is a genuine … Read more

Is it possible to have an unique graphic style as an average graduate yet?

During my job applications as junior graphic designer (I have a degree in design), I show them my portfolio. Both projects are brand designs, printed in a handbook. I thought that those projects show, what I am capable of. But I get asked “don’t you have more projects? We need to see more, to rank/understand … Read more

Are these concepts okay to show the use of an air purifier?

I’m designing 2 social media posts to show the function/use of indoor air purifiers. Please see the image. I’ve sketched the concepts. Left one: It is an air purifier, which purifies air. So I’ve shown two cigarettes as chimney and smoke is going away from room, through window. I want to convey a message that … Read more

What processes may have been used to create this image?

This is Drew Struzman’s back cover to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath in 1973. I’m specifically asking about the use of blues and some alternative texturing in them (like in the head of the man on the left side). I know he began with photo references, and I’m assuming he did some sort of alternative processing treatment … Read more