Rearrange UIDs in GPG

In gpg, is it possible to move a UID up or down in the list of UIDs in a PGP key? I realize it is a purely cosmetic thing, but I may want to use this to show priority among my addresses, which one should be used first if possible. pub 4096R/0xAABBD62D0BA66C66 2014-09-02 uid [ultimate] … Read more

Illustrator: Is it possible to move Guidelines while rearranging artboards?

as the title says I would like to know if its possible in Illustrator to make the guidlines move with the commmand “Object -> Artboards -> Rearrange…” Thanks for your help! Answer No, theres no way you can move the guides with the Object → Artboards → Rearrange… What you see is what you get, … Read more