How to specify an authenticated proxy for a python http connection?

What’s the best way to specify a proxy with username and password for an http connection in python? Answer This works for me: import urllib2 proxy = urllib2.ProxyHandler({‘http’: ‘http:// username:password@proxyurl:proxyport’}) auth = urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHandler() opener = urllib2.build_opener(proxy, auth, urllib2.HTTPHandler) urllib2.install_opener(opener) conn = urllib2.urlopen(‘’) return_str = AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Rehan , Answer … Read more

bower proxy configuration

is there a way to configure bower not only to use a proxy but ignore the proxy configuration for some domains? I have the problem, that I will run an internal bower registry for our own developed components. For that repository I would like to ignore the proxy configuration. Answer Edit your .bowerrc file ( … Read more

How to use javascript proxy for nested objects

I have this code in js bin: var validator = { set (target, key, value) { console.log(target); console.log(key); console.log(value); if(isObject(target[key])){ } return true } } var person = { firstName: “alfred”, lastName: “john”, inner: { salary: 8250, Proffesion: “.NET Developer” } } var proxy = new Proxy(person, validator) proxy.inner.salary = ‘foo’ if i do proxy.inner.salary … Read more

How do I set proxy for chrome in python webdriver?

I’m using this code: profile = webdriver.FirefoxProfile() profile.set_preference(“network.proxy.type”, 1) profile.set_preference(“network.proxy.http”, “proxy.server.address”) profile.set_preference(“network.proxy.http_port”, “port_number”) profile.update_preferences() driver = webdriver.Firefox(firefox_profile=profile) to set proxy for FF in python webdriver. This works for FF. How to set proxy like this in Chrome? I found this exmaple but is not very helpful. When I run the script nothing happens (Chrome browser … Read more

Apache reverse proxy with basic authentication

Trying to configure my reverse proxy with basic authentication before forward the traffic to my back end server. Can any one give me a solution. Example here: User(internet) -> reverse proxy / vhosts server (need to add basic authentication here ) -> back end server ( non authenticated ) Answer You can follow the instructions … Read more

Postman can’t reach localhost

I am in a corporate env so I have to use a proxy to reach servers. This works well in postman and in browsers. What I can’t reach is localhost in postman but I can reach localhost in the browser. I am running Postman for Linux Version 6.0.9. I have tried reaching localhost:9082/rest/myapi…. and … Read more

Setting up proxy for HTTP client

I’m trying to setup the HTTP client so that it uses a proxy, however I cannot quite understand how to do it. The documentation has multiple reference to “proxy” but none of the functions seem to allow to define the proxy. What I need is something like this: client := &http.Client{} client.SetProxy(“someip:someport”) // pseudo code … Read more

Proxy Error 502 : The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server

We are building a mass mailing sending application in Java. Mail is being send by third party SMTP. After sending 400-500 mails tomcat6 service get stopped. Below is the error. Proxy Error The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request GET /lin/Campaignn.jsp. Reason: Error … Read more