keyboard shortcuts on parallels desktop running ubuntu

I am running: MacOS High Sierra on a 2016 TB MBP. >> App: Parallels Desktop 12. >> VM: Ubuntu Linux 16.04. I only use the terminal of the Linux VM to communicate with robotic hardware. When I use the terminal, I need to use generic Linux command line keyboard shortcuts. This results in problems, to … Read more

How do I access a CD drive on a Linux machine from my Mac?

I used this question: to install nbd-server on my linux machine and share the CD drive. But installing nbd-client on my Mac doesn’t appear to be possible. Can’t find it in homebrew. How can I access the CD in that drive from my Mac? Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : jcollum , … Read more

Unable to login to iMac after successful ARD/VNC connection

I enabled Apple Remote Desktop on an iMac, and I’m trying to use it from a Ubuntu machine with Remmina Remote Desktop Client. I configured the connection to use SSH tunneling. I can connect successfully to the mac over the Internet; The login screen of the Mac is displayed; I enter my password on the … Read more

Importing Linux and Windows Dual Boot from Parallels

I am looking at triple booting my Mac soon with macOS, Linux and Windows. I also want Linux and Windows available as a virtual machine. At the moment, I have Windows dual booted and have imported it into parallels. I will be formatting my hard drive soon and reinstall macOS on it. I will then … Read more

Linux on Mac, dual-boot without rEFind EFI issues

So I followed the instructions here This actually worked great. I was able to install ubuntu and the dual boot is working, however, in my startup window I have a dummy Windows option that boots to nothing. I did have bootcamp installed previously but have since wiped my drive clean to install Mojave. The windows … Read more

Making Uninitialized APFS Volume Bootable

Recently I installed Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) on a second volume. I wanted to change to the Ubuntu Volume through Startup Manager and used this tutorial to do so: Installing Ubuntu on Mac with macOS and Windows already installed All in all I messed around with EFI but it worked. Yesterday I … Read more

How can I enable graphics on local macOS from remote Linux using SSH?

host: Ubuntu 64-bit local: macOS 10.13 64-bit I’m attempting to run a program on a remote Linux machine through ssh, and I want the GUI to appear on my local macOS laptop. When I execute ssh -v -X user@host or ssh -v -Y user@host, I receive two messages that may be worth noting: With -X … Read more