Affinity Designer: How to maintain the colour of the intersected object

I have a rectangle and a circle (fig1). I would like to apply an intersection to these two objects. For this, I duplicate the rectangle and then select the duplicated rectangle and the circle and apply an intersection. After the intersection, the part of the circle overlapping the rectangle becomes of the colour of the … Read more

What is the name of this category of visual artwork? Is this pop art?

There is a style of artwork that I want to learn to create. It abstracts away most detail, but it is not really abstract art. It has a lot in common visually with vector illustrations, but some of the examples I see are created using markers, acrylics, and other physical approaches (as opposed to digital). … Read more

What version of Adobe Illustrator do I need to downsave my files to (for customers) in order for all versions to be compatible?

I am busy designing illustrations in Adobe Illustrator for a customer, and they have kindly asked me to save my illustrator files so it is compatible with all versions, and they don’t run into any problems. I would just like to know which version I should save it as? The options are: CS6, CS5, CS4, … Read more

How to draw hand drawn style icons? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Convert a line drawing from raster to vector (5 answers) Closed 7 years ago. I have always wondered how illustrations like above are drawn. What is the usual and efficient way? Do designers do sketches first and then trace over them or there is a technique? It looks specially … Read more

How to represent a general movie in a cover picture for illustration purpose?

I’m making a SaaS landing page, and in the upper section there’s an interactive illustration of the product (a web interface) in a browser, showing what you can do with the product. This interface has a banner that the customers can change (black box in the screenshot) and I want to show with an example … Read more

Where to get public domain East Asian book illustrations?

There are public domain resources (such as those listed on Wikipedia) where one can obtain illustrations from old books. However, most of these illustrations are of the “European style” (i.e. European subjects, European buildings, European drawing methods, European scenery, etc.) as they were made in Europe or the Americas. I have had great difficulty in … Read more