Prevent iMac from powering down TB3 port when it goes to sleep?

I have a FW400 audio interface connected to my ’17 iMac via some adapters and the TB3 port on the computer. When the iMac goes to sleep it’s apparently powering down the TB3 port which in turn powers off my audio interface and then causes a very loud, potentially damaging, “thump” to occur through the … Read more

Is possible to use retina options/large text for iMac 2011 with 2k/4k Monitor?

I have a Samsung U32H75 with iMac 21″ 2011. I wish to make the fonts large for the UI. I try enabling retina with sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled -bool true But nothing show after reboot. Is this possible. Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : mamcx , Answer Author : Community

Wi-Fi connection breaks up with two devices

Since a few days I am encountering very strange Wi-Fi/Mac problems. I already Googled (but it is kinda hard to describe and search) therefor I try to explain the problem as good as I can. I am owning some Apple products – this includes my iMac (2012), MacBook Air (2013), iPhone SE and Apple TV … Read more

How to delete all partitions from iMac without an OS installed and rebuild a fusion drive without UUID

a friend of mine bought a second hand iMac and they erased sort of everything from the iMac before it was given to him. There is no OS installed and it’s not possible to instal a new version from OSX from Internet Recovery because the Hard Drive is greyed out. When I open terminal and … Read more