Unable to share screen audio over Bluetooth headset in good quality

While sharing screen over Skype/Zoom call and using Bluetooth headset the audio quality drops significantly. The top answer here – https://superuser.com/questions/12292/bluetooth-headphones-sound-terrible-on-mac-os-x suggests to switch audio input to internal mic which improves the quality at my end but the other person with whom I am sharing screen can’t hear the screen share audio. A step by … Read more

What format/bitrate are iTunes sample files on the iTunes store?

Is there anywhere which officially says what format/bitrate is used for the sample files which you play on the iTunes store? If there’s nothing official, can any audiophiles work it out roughly? So, for example, if I’m about to buy “Rudimental – Right Here” on the iTunes store, and I listen to the sample to … Read more

Quartz filters in ColorSync Utility: what is “Image Sampling” and Quality?

I have created a couple of quartz filters to reduce the size of PDFs. For this I use Image Compression – which is pretty straight forward (just use JPEG and the a suitable quality level) – but there is also a filter called Image Sampling that also offers a quality level (low, medium, high). I … Read more

How to change (increase) resolution of QT recording?

I want to know how to increase (or change) the video resolution/quality of a Quicktime video recording on Mac. I have OS Catalina 10.15.7. Is there a way to do this? Can someone pls help? thanks. Answer Your options are limited. Most Mac cameras (except for the 2021 iMacs) are 720p, and the settings offer … Read more

iTunes: how can display multiple versions of a movie in SD and 1080p/720p HD as one movie?

I want to store the same movie in multiple quality levels. I have 3 files (360p, 720p and 1080p). Obviously having the same movie multiple times in iTunes it not acceptable. I can’t fill my library with duplicates. How should I proceed to make iTunes display the 3 files as one movie? Currently I have … Read more

How to export Calibre’s library for Database Support?

I have used Calibre but I would like get more freedom in exporting it elsewhere for edits. I would like to do quality assurance of my books, papers and literature. Calibre does not communicate with database systems like MySQL, PostgeSQL and Oracle, discussed here. I would like to bind Calibre to PostgreSQL to do the … Read more

Unreliable WiFi on MacBook: how can I measure how “unreliable” it is?

My MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) has WiFi problems. It sometimes takes 30 seconds to connect, and even once connected the WiFi will occasionally lock up and have to reconnect. I’ve also seen hints that, even while apparently “connected”, my connections will hiccup or slow way down. I have AppleCare+, so I’ll be calling them, but … Read more