Best practices for developing larger JavaScript applications [closed]

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Is there a pattern for initializing objects created via a DI container

I am trying to get Unity to manage the creation of my objects and I want to have some initialization parameters that are not known until run-time: At the moment the only way I could think of the way to do it is to have an Init method on the interface. interface IMyIntf { void … Read more

GIMP Histogram display is very dim / low-contrast

I am getting older and my mark-I eyeballs dynamic range is decreasing. While I can adjust gamma (xgamma -gamma 0.4) and LCD brightness, GIMP’s histogram display is very dim and difficult to see. (GIMP 2.10.18) What I see: What I would prefer to see: Any suggestions ? Answer Thanks @Billy Kerr, all I had to … Read more

jquery mobile user interface vectors or something very similar?

Does anyone know where to get jquery mobile vector .ai files preferrable? In need to do some mockups in high quality for print but cannot find any ilustrator or vector psd templats for this. Is there something that looks very similar to the UI on ? Answer On there is a listing including … Read more

Can anyone offer some advice on the relationship between design and business goals?

I am designing a one page site, and I need to go back to basics and learn about how to translate business aims into a homepage design. Can anyone offer some advice on the relationship between design and business goals? E.g. Where I should put the call to action in a responsive design. Answer Obviously … Read more

Flat design vs skeuomorphism, which one is most preferable? [closed]

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Creating a Build-Your-Own Color Picker to go with Website?

I am trying to create a build-your-own type of color picker based upon the brochure image below: Basically I want to create a color changer that will allow a user to select each different stripe/section of the boat and then choose from the available color patterns, where the selected area will immediately change to their … Read more

Tool for UI Designer where you can see distances between elements

I am creating tons of pixel-perfect views for static websites. My front-end developers losses their times figuring out distances between related divs, images, etc (using Paint). What I want to achieve is to automate this process and generate an output file when you can easily see those distances just like in CAD software. Sketch has … Read more