Is it possible to install iTunes on Windows 7 without Service Pack 1? For iPad Pro 10.5″ support

I’m considering buying iPad Pro 10.5″ and meanwhile tried to download and install iTunes – main method of connecting it to the PC. My OS is Windows 7 pre-Service Pack 1. (I don’t have MacOS) The installer of iTunes v12.7 is telling me I need to get SP1, which I don’t want to do. Previous … Read more

All apple devices, and only apple devices, suddenly unusably slow on home network wifi internet

Starting approximately 24 hours ago all my apple devices (macbook air, iphone 6+, ipad original (ios5)) all had an internet connection so slow as to be unusable. Nothing’s miraculously changed overnight unfortunately. 2 windows laptops & a windows smartphone are all fine. Took my iphone and macbook air into town and connected to a wifi … Read more

iPad Air bedtime alarm sample loops indefinitely when stopped after upgrade to iOS 11

After upgrade to iOS 11 my iPad Air 32GB (MD786FD/A) I’ve got the following defect: the wake-up signal in the integrated bedtime application keeps playing after I touch ‘stop’ button on the screen or press mechanical ‘Home’ button to stop it. The short sample of the melody (~0,5 sec) is repeated in the loop continuously. … Read more