How to remove touch gesture from QuickTime recordings on Mac

At one point I was interested in recording touch gestures using an iPhone Simulator + QuickTtime, so I dutifully followed the advice in this answer and ran the following command: defaults write ShowSingleTouches 1 But now I want to record it without the touch gestures, so I reverse the above command like so: defaults … Read more

Whited00r 7.1 on iPod 2G MB model iTunes error 6 when restoring

So I am trying to get Whited00r 7.1 on my iPod Touch 2G MB using iTunes on MacOS Mojave.I used the installation guide and used the included iREB for Mac to put it in pwned DFU mode.So I put it in pwned DFU mode,open iTunes and option-click the “Restore” button,selected the custom Whited00r ipsw for … Read more

Does Chase’s QuickDeposit feature work on the iPod Touch 4G?

Now that the new iPod Touch has a camera, I’m thinking of buying it. However, since Apple crippled its resolution (960 x 720), I’m not so sure. Does Chase Mobile’s QuickDeposit feature work with the lower camera resolution? Answer looks like they just updated to version 2.8.1202, release notes say “Quick Deposit for iPod touch … Read more