MacBook Pro 2017 model with non-existant upload speeds

MacBook Pro 2017 model (model A1707) with major upload speed issues. If I do a test from I get pretty decent speeds, but not quite what my ISP offers, but that’s ok. I get about half download speed (500mb/s out of 940mb/s my mesh reports) but just presume that’s down to Mac’s capabilities. I … Read more

How can be possible that my MacBook Pro is able to connect, automatically, to a protected wpa2 wifi network without asking any password?

I have two MacBook Pro notebooks (15” mid 2010 and 13” mid 2012); I bought two new ssd disks and new ram modules for upgrading them; I installed on both Catalina (10.15.7) via usb key obviously from scratch since the disks were new. In my apartment, I have an access point, connected to Internet, with … Read more

iPhone 8: WiFi only connects to certain domains, resetting network settings did nothing

My WiFi is working perfectly fine throughout the house (no other device is having issues) and for some reason my phone just stopped connecting in certain apps and sites. For example it will connect to Instagram but will refuse to connect to Spotify. I can connect to any domain on cellular still. Resetting network settings … Read more

Macbook Pro 16 inch CPU clock oscillating and graphics lagging

EDIT 3: It’s nothing to do with which GPU the system is using. The thing that seems to be triggering the failures is wifi. If I switch wifi off from the Apple menu then the CPU ramping stops, the graphics performance returns to normal and the system fans spool down. With wifi on the ramping … Read more

5GHz capable drivers for BCM94360CS on Windows 7

Background I’m running Windows 7 via bootcamp on my early 2015 Macbook Pro (via a separate guide: and had to jump through many hurdles to get this working. Everything works well for the most part other than the wifi. My card is a Broadcom BCM94360CS; I’ve tried numerous drivers but almost ALL of them … Read more

Mirroring from my iPhone 7+ to aucary projector wirelessly to wall

I want to mirror from my iPhone 7+, to an Aucary projector , displaying to a wall. What adapters, or cables do I need ? I haven’t been able to connect wirelessly ( Phone showing no wireless connection ) , and I don’t have anything to plug hdmi cord into , with 1 end in … Read more

Trying to uninstall wifi hardware on MBP 2019 16″. Previous MBP models method of .kext removal not working, or I can’t find the right kext to remove

First post, after searching this site and others for answers. Hopefully someone here can help me and others reading this. Please don’t judge, I bet it’s not normal that someone asks how to BREAK their wifi. I work alone at a home office, on cognitively draining focus intense creative work. I have tried all the … Read more

Iphone keep getting “Incorrect Wi-Fi Password”

Something strange happened to my little iphone 6s. This morning, everything was alright, wifi connectiong was perfect. I went on google and searched some info, send 5 photos to a friend through social net work. Then I went out for a walk for about 1:30 hours. After I came back home, my iphone couldn’t get … Read more