why does photoshop auto-rotate images when opening?

I am using scripting in Photoshop to process jpg files that are uploaded through a website. I occasionally get images that are rotated differently when you open them in Photoshop vs. Windows Previewer (or any other basic graphics program). And today I just came across one that was rotated 90 degrees and mirrored horizontally when … Read more

Mass export all images as individual JPEGs in InDesign, but not use image frame ratio

I would like to mass export all linked images in a Indesign document using this script, its from this thread var myDoc = app.activeDocument, apis = myDoc.allPageItems, pageItem, fileName; while ( pageItem = apis.pop() ) { if ( !pageItem.graphics[0].isValid ){ continue;} fileName = File ( pageItem.graphics[0].itemLink.filePath ).name; fileName = fileName.replace( /\.[a-z]{2,4}$/i, ‘.jpg’ ); app.jpegExportPreferences.exportResolution = … Read more

Raster image opens in smaller dimensions in Adobe Illustrator

so I have this image that is 612x408px (300dpi?): I create a new file in AI at 612x408px (72ppi) and when I import the image, the image imports in lower dimensions: When I scale the image up to the artboard size of 612×408, the image doesn’t lose quality, so it’s definitely a 612×408 of at … Read more

When saving as JPG or PNG in Illustrator, do I need to convert text to outlines?

In Illustrator, when I create an artwork that includes text, I’m never sure if I need to convert the text to outlines before exporting as PNG or JPG. Is this text automatically converted to curves when a PNG or JPG file is created? Or are the original text & font retained? Basically, I want to … Read more