Ram problem even if they pass the apple hardware test?

After updating the ram 2 x 8 GB (CT2KIT102464BF160B) the mac mini late 2012 have started various kernel panic, doing the Apple Harware Test to verify the modules the ram is ok, everything is ok. So the crashes should not depend on the ram, but by putting the original modules back, everything goes back to … Read more

How can I optimize for file sharing on my Mac Mini 2014 (High Sierra 10.13.4)?

I’m running a Mac Mini 2014 with High Sierra (10.13.4) and am experiencing some lag, since adding a pair of Thunderbolt RAID drives. I’ve also added 25 or so SMB sharing users. Only a few users are active at any time, and mostly through Sharing, not logging in. The lag is apparent in the Desktop … Read more

Can I change the resolution of a display in recovery mode?

Booted to High Sierra recovery HD, I’m not able to open the system preferences and choose a different resolution. Can terminal be used from the utilities menu to change the resolution? I have a Mac mini and Emerson TV connected over HDMI cable. Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author … Read more

Mac Mini with x3 Apple Displays/Monitors. Adapters, cables and configuration puzzle

Anybody successfully attached (or know how to attach) x2 Apple 30″ Cinema displays (Male DVI) and x1 Apple 24″ Display (Male Mini DisplayPort) to a Mac Mini 2012 (which has the following connections available: x1 HDMI, x1 Mini DisplayPort, x4 USB, x1 Firewire800), with minimum 1920 resolution on all monitors? I have successfully connected the … Read more

Dual screen setup Apple Cinema Displays Mac mini

How do I connect dual screen setup on a Mac Mini? Mac Mini: Late (2012) Apple Cinema Display 27″ Apple ThunderBolt Display 27″ ThunderBolt Port: Apple ThunderBolt Display 27″ Tried two different Kanex XD units and did not work. Kanex XD: Mini display port female to HDMI female converter to HDMI cable to HDMI Port … Read more