Whats a good way to find a good designer? [closed]

Closed. This question is opinion-based. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it can be answered with facts and citations by editing this post. Closed 8 years ago. Improve this question I’m running a company that needs design work from time to time. Things like business cards, … Read more

Which of these 2 designs convey the message better?

Let me explain what I mean by better. There are 2 designs (rough unfinished work). First one has only search icon made by characters. Second has some creativity and a search icon (and a feel of working hours). Suppose you’re a designer and you will post it on a platform where recruiters and employers (who … Read more

Rebranding announcement timing

I’ve been searching all over the web about the Rebranding Announcement strategy and was not able to get to a solid conclusion about whether or not to make the Rebranding announcement before the rebranding itself. My question is, is it beneficial or not at all recommended to make a rebranding announcement before it is effective. … Read more

Are teaser advertisements for main ad campaigns effective?

So we’ve created a cinema ad for our energy comparison website which is pretty funny and cute an whatsoever… Now the client asked me to create a “funny and creative cinema-style announcement on our Facebook-page” to tell people there will be a cinema ad in the future. Are advertisements for upcoming advertisements effective? It’s like asking … Read more

What are the differences between gloss, matte and silk paper?

I’ve decided to print my flyers with a thickness of 250 gsm for a luxurious feel, but can’t decide what type of paper to go with. I’m leaning towards gloss paper, both to increase the luxuriousness and make the colours on my flyer pop more, but information on the different types is conflicting and confusing. … Read more

Designing creatives with complex sale mechanics

I’m Designing a set of creatives for sale campaigns (e.g. black Friday) for a fashion e-commerce. These would be in mostly landscape dimensions, but there are also smaller placements. Compared usual campaigns with no discounts, where there’s room to include imagery and persuasive copy, something we didn’t anticipate was complex sale mechanics that could take … Read more

Is it important for a catalog cover to be left with little copy?

In catalog design the cover often has little information. A photo, company name, maybe a website, and a header possibly with subheader seems to be fairly common. For an example here’s a Ford Fiesta catalog: They could’ve put additional copy. The HP, Best in Class, ample cargo space, etc in some of that white space … Read more