MacOS 10.14 Mojave public beta captive portal Wi-Fi issue

I can not connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot that does not require a password but instead shows a captive portal pop-up window. The pop-up opens blank with the error “The web page couldn’t be loaded” (like this) This is with Mojave Public Beta (18A314K) on a 2017 15″ MBP. I did see this page … Read more

Linux on Mac, dual-boot without rEFind EFI issues

So I followed the instructions here This actually worked great. I was able to install ubuntu and the dual boot is working, however, in my startup window I have a dummy Windows option that boots to nothing. I did have bootcamp installed previously but have since wiped my drive clean to install Mojave. The windows … Read more

macOS Mojave download problem from Mac App Store

Anyone has any solution for macOS Mojave download problem? When downloading the installer app from the Mac App Store, the download resumes fine, but just when it’s about to complete, it disappears, and the download button shows Download again. I’ve tried it 5-6 times, and not being able to download the installer successfully. I am … Read more