Is it possible for a Macbook Pro to pop out a window and / or give some sound a few minutes before sleeping?

Is there a way to pop out a window and / or to give out some sound a few minutes before it goes to sleep? There is one warning, but I hope to get another warning a few or a couple of few minutes before it would go to sleep. Sleeping involves writing all data … Read more

How to prevent the creation of annoying .DS_Store files? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Is there a way to prevent those pesky .DS_Store files from being ever created? (6 answers) Never create a .DS_Store file again (4 answers) Closed last year. I am working on a MacBook Air (10.14.6), using network mounted filesystems. It then happens that for no reason at all files … Read more

MacBook Pro 2018 – Camera not Working

When I try FaceTime, Zoom or whatever it does not work. When I open FT, the following message appears “FaceTime has not received any video from the connected camera. Restarting your computer may fix this issue.” I have tried basically sudo command, downgrade to Mojave from Catalina, rebooting, etc… Something interesting I noticed is that … Read more

Cannot not install application from App Store on macos mojave

I am a new Mac user and have purchased a Mac Pro 5,1 running Mojave to learn the basics of macOSX. After some initial difficulty, I have logged on to the mac, created an appleid, added payment details, signed on to the (Macosx) app store and itunes under mojave. In the apple App store I … Read more

Enable Remote Management through terminal only works when I manually click off and on?

I am able to turn the Remote Management on. But it doesn’t work. For it to work the only way is i have to turn it off(after i used terminal command to turn it on) and turn it back again by checking the box. Any reason to why it does this. I tried typing the … Read more

Unable to delete a folder to disable drag and drop, during screen-sharing

This answer claims You can just remove Screen Sharing server’s helper tools from here: /System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/screensharingd.bundle/Contents/Support/ Quick check didn’t show anything bad for the rest of server functions. I am trying to delete the /Support folder but, I get “operation not permitted”. I am in as root and have tried to sudo chown, chmod, mv, rm … Read more

Company Mac OS laptop must connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN in order to access to the Internet

My company Mac OS X laptops (Mojave) are managed devices and in order for the user to connect to Internet, the user must first launch and connect the Cisco AnyConnect VPN otherwise the user is not able to connect to the Internet. Just for my knowledge, I am looking for the specific file or configuration … Read more