How to navigate in JSF? How to make URL reflect current page (and not previous one)

I am currently learning JSF and was rather amazed and puzzled when I realized that whenever we use <h:form>, the standard behavior of JSF is to always show me the URL of the previous page in the browser, as opposed to the URL of the current page. I understand that this has to do with … Read more

Reload UITableView when navigating back?

I have a top level UIViewController that contains a UITableView. The top level UIViewController instantiates a NavigationController, and pushes another UIViewController onto the NavigationController. I.E. we push into a new, second view. This second view has the usual “Back” button in the upper left hand corner to allow you to navigate back to the top … Read more

How to navigate to other page without animation Flutter

I have a Login page, when I log on to go to the main page of my app i am using Navigator.pushReplacement(context, new MaterialPageRoute(builder: (BuildContext context) => new Page1())); But it have the slide animation, i want to disable it. this is my Material app format class MyApp extends StatelessWidget { @override Widget build(BuildContext context) … Read more

How to change navigation animation using Flutter

Is there any way to change the default animation when navigating to/from a page in Flutter? Answer You can use PageRouteBuilder. The following example shows FadeTransition when you navigate to a second screen. Navigator.push( context, PageRouteBuilder( pageBuilder: (c, a1, a2) => Page2(), transitionsBuilder: (c, anim, a2, child) => FadeTransition(opacity: anim, child: child), transitionDuration: Duration(milliseconds: 2000), … Read more

Twitter Bootstrap: What is the correct way to use the `.btn` class within a navbar?

I’m using a navbar for the standard nav stuff and i’d like to include a button for Sign in and Sign up. The I’m using an a tag with the btn btn-large btn-success classes and by default it appears the navbar does not accommodate the use of nested btns. The result is something like this: … Read more

Detecting Back Button/Hash Change in URL

I just set up my new homepage at I’m using jQuery, but very minimally. It loads all the pages using AJAX – I have it set up to allow bookmarking by detecting the hash in the URL. //general functions function getUrl(u) { return u + ‘.html’; } function loadURL(u) { $.get(getUrl(u), function(r){ $(‘#main’).html(r); } … Read more

How to add hamburger menu in bootstrap

I need some help with bootstrap nav. I want it to be toggled via a hamburger icon on mobile. Here it is on codepen: (link invalid) .navbar, .navbar-inverse { border-radius: 0; border: none; margin-bottom: 0; min-height: 80px; } .nav li { display: inline; color: white; } .navbar-inverse .navbar-nav>li>a { color: #ffffff; font-family: Lato; font-size: … Read more