Conway’s Game of Life Object oriented implementation in Java

I have designed Conway’s Game of Life in Java, the solution follows Object Oriented design and paradigm, please review and let me know the feedback Class Cell Cell has one property alive and behavior to update alive status public class Cell { private boolean alive; public Cell( boolean alive) { this.alive = alive; } public … Read more

Convert number from base-10 number system to any number system

I wrote a small method for convert number from base-10 number system to any number system (code is not perfect but that is not the point). My question is if I get right single responsibility principle. Is 2nd approach better than 1st or ‘charReplace’ functionality is too small for creating own method ? public static … Read more

Frogger HTML5 JavaScript Canvas Game using Object Oriented Design

I created a Frogger game using JavaScript and HTML5. The game runs fine, but that might be because the complexity is so low. I’m looking for ways to improve the code. Some aspects of this game are still buggy, but I’m not concerned about that right now. I want to improve the current functionality first, … Read more

Convert MQTT messages and publish them to Rabbit MQ

I’m looking for advice on how to find a balance between keeping this code flexible/maintainable, while also keeping it readable. It reads MQTT messages in JSON format from four different topics, converts the JSON into a different JSON format, and publishes it to a common Rabbit message queue. One of the topics, the sensor status … Read more

Perlin Noise terrain in Unity3D

I’ve recently had time to devise another program so this time I decided to write the Perlin Noise algorithm in code. I have succeeded and the code works but I can’t help but feel that my practices while writing are still not as good as they should be (especially since I’m still pretty new to … Read more