What software should I use to create editable mathematical vector images like these?

Little bit of background: I own Affinity designer, looking into learning Blender 3D, and am decently familiar with Python, Numpy, and Matplotlib. Examples: ex1 ex2 ex3 ex4 ex5 ex6 There’s nothing particularly special about these images. Mainly you could say they are mathematical 3D images represented in just simple lines, such as wire meshes. That’s … Read more

How to center a shape so it is “visually” centered in Illustrator

Say I have 65,000+ shapes (i.e. the CJK Unicode Characters as vector glyphs). I want to create a square for each of the characters and place each vector glyph within its square such that it is visually centered. Not technically centered, but visually centered. Optically centered (i.e. optical adjustment). Is there an “align to optical … Read more

How to create Anamorphic, Optical Illusion, 3D Large format print?

Sorry it’s a broad question.. I have a project where I am making the inside of a trailer look like it’s either the interior of an aeroplane, or its an aeroplane with no roof, so you have visible site of the wings and sky in all directions. I will include an image i found which … Read more

Why do I have the feeling that there is a gradient when there isn’t?

I was trying to edit the following picture in GIMP when I noticed something strange. This is the original picture: And this is what it looks like when opened in GIMP (the only important thing here is that GIMP uses a somewhat light background). When seeing the picture in a small thumbnail size (around 64×64) … Read more

How to do line optical illusion art effects?

I was wondering how I can do this type of optical illusion. Is it done manually or is there a quicker way to do it. Thanks ahead of time. Answer Simulate the old bw photo printing system. There dot sizes or line widths are modulated by local greyshades. have a bw photo as a layer … Read more