Create a Large Image (172500×172500) in Paint or Similar Program

I need to create a large image .png with a resolution of 172500 pixels by 172500 pixels. I am using the image as a geographical map with different colours representing different heights and features. MS Paint will only allow a maximum of 99999 X 99999 pixels. Gimp crashes when I attempt to open a file … Read more

Photoshop: Pasting PNG from the web turns transparency black

I have searched for a solution to this problem and I have found many answers, all of which tell me that this is not an issue with Photoshop, but an issue with Windows. They will tell me: “The Windows clipboard does not preserve transparency of a PNG image”. The only problem is, when I paste … Read more

Is there a way to create this particular “Pixel Smoothing” Effect in Paint.NET or any other program/site?

So, a while back I was looking for ways to improve the textures of a particular game, and I came across a Pixel Smoothing algorithm for the game Terraria. I particularly had an interest in using this with the minecraft textures, as they are each seperated into image files. This filter takes the pixels around … Read more