How to create embossed text in Photoshop?

I am wanting to create text that looks like the following image: Answer There are lots of sites on the internet that offer tutorials on this. Beveled Text, Embossed Text, Watermarking (same concept just alpha transparency raised)… These are just random Google/Bing searches: Even youtube: Or my best is … Read more

Photo Manipulation and texture… like instagram

Does anyone have any recommendations, links, or tutorials on how to create a similar effect to this using a normal photo? More: My goal is to create a subdued, dream like photo with gritty, tactile texture. Answer Try to look at the results of DeviantArt’s query “instagram tutorial”. There should be some action pack … Read more

How to get GTA type Cartoon Effect In Photoshop CS5?

I’m new to Photoshop and was wondering how to achieve this sort of cartoon effect. I looked everywhere, youtube, blogs and stuff but still non were close to what I’m looking for. Look at the picture for clarity: image from I tried the following but didn’t get what I was looking for: Made a … Read more

Achieve this effect: Glowing outline of a photograph

There’s an image effect I want to recreate. Heres the image (SLIGHTLY NSFW): Image I can roughly recreate the effect, but I don’t like it as much. My steps are: The Original Step 1: Duplicate, desaturate, smart blur (edges only), blend mode Step 2: Fiddle with curves And in the end, I can play around … Read more

‘Inverting’ an intensity variation

This is somewhat hard for me to explain, but what I’m looking for is a technique to correct a fixed-pattern intensity variation in an image. The pattern comes from (say) a projection system and is not inherent to the actual image. I can produce a 90%-average white frame that exposes these variations, which amount to … Read more