Is it possible to sort posts by vote using the GD Star Rating plugin?

Anyone has experience using the GD Star Rating plugin? and make a loop that sorts posts by vote/stars? Answer First 2 results on googling for “gd star rating sort posts by rating’ are: How to Sort Post by Gd Star Rating Mirror How to reorder posts Mirror Few examples: query_posts(“gdsr_sort=rating”); query_posts(“gdsr_sort=review&sort_order=asc”); query_posts(“gdsr_sort=rating&gdsr_multi=3”); query_posts(“gdsr_sort=votes&sort_order=asc&gdsr_multi=3”); AttributionSource : … Read more

which is this plugin ? [closed]

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Display a custom field rating system in the front end

I have added a content rating system to my platform where the authors can select which audience their post is appropriate for. Currently, these options are available: Unrated G PG R The code that I use to display the rating options on the post edit page is: // Article Content Rating add_action( ‘add_meta_boxes’, ‘rating_select_box’ ); … Read more

Post rating using Custom Field

I’m writing new theme for my blog. And I want to make some kind of post rating using custom fields. There are two fields: ‘good-post’ and ‘bad-post’. And after each post I placed two buttons. Yep, ‘Good post’ and ‘Bad post’. On buttons I placed onclick event that calls this AJAX function: function ajaxIncGoodPost(tempUrl) { … Read more

Using GD Star Rating outside of the loop? [closed]

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Make a wordpress site similar to Hot Or Not – Image rating system [closed]

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