Can anyone suggest a paper similar to mass-produced movie posters?

I’m looking to print posters similar to the mass-produced movie posters. Is there a place online that sells 13″x19″ or 11″x17″ or similar sized paper that I can use for printing posters? I can’t seem to find any info on the subject. Answer The definition you are looking for is ‘coated stock’. This is regular … Read more

What font is used on this Arnhem poster?

I’m trying to make a poster for a class project, and I recently came across a poster that has this font. It’s a light, somewhat wide sans-serif typeface, but I’m not sure if it’s Helvetica or Akzidenz or something similar. Does anyone know what this is? Answer This is custom but it’s very similar to … Read more

What software can be used to create scientific posters?

For “political” reasons I used MS PowerPoint to create a scientific poster. Scientific means mainly having formulas, plots(they could be images), text and images. Although I would prefer to use LaTeX, I realize that it’s not the most convenient way when someone has to do corrections on the fly. Therefore I am a bit confused … Read more

Is there a specific graphic style or movement that inspired vintage (and some modern) euro-rave artwork?

I’m working on a short film with trippy/vintage/lo-fi editing styles similar to those used in Travis Scott music videos, and it will use stylized intertitles as an artistic element. However, instead of the heavy-metal/supernatural typographic/art direction of these videos (, I want to have an art style similar to that of vintage euro-rave graphics … Read more