Soft proofing grayscale images in Photoshop

When printing a grayscale image it’s treated exactly like the black channel of a color image. So in order to get a correct preview of how it will look on print it must be soft proofed with the CMYK color profile the printer recommends. InDesign does this by default. If I place a grayscale image … Read more

Photoshop color weirdness after calibrating LCD

I’ve just purchased a calibrator (Eye One Display 2) to calibrate my two screens, because the difference of colours between them was huge. Now that I’ve calibrated them, the colours are almost identical. However, now I have a problem with Photoshop that I didn’t have before (or at least I didn’t have realized). I usually … Read more

Do graphic designers format and proof read documents? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Who is responsible for text mistakes in a print project? (6 answers) Closed 5 years ago. Do graphic designers format and proof read documents? We are editors of large reports, mostly from government. The drafts we get are often a mess of formats, with heading structures not clear and … Read more

Do you use colour lasers for proof printing?

I own an EPSON Stylus Photo RX640 printer which prints really good on special paper media, but is rather poor when it comes to normal (>75%) printing on plain papers. Beside that it’s also quite expensive because cartridges are very expensive compared to others. I’m considering buying a colour laser printer that should keep printing … Read more