How can I resize Pixelart so that every pixel mentains its correct width and height

As example, this example here. Every pixel is taking a 5×5 grid. The selected image in there is 75×75 pixels tall. Now what I did is that I took the 100% and changed it to 80%, 60% and so on, which seemed to work fine.   Each time I change it though in this: Putting … Read more

PDF Looses Saturation when Exported at a Lower Resolution

I exported my PDF with images from Illustrator, but the file was too large (around 35 MB), so I exported it with the PDF/X-1a:2001 setting to lower the resolution. The file was smaller as I wanted, but I noticed that that the color in the images had lost a lot of vibrance and saturation and … Read more

Illustrator Exporting REALLY small 300 dpi PNGs

I keep trying to export 300dpi PNGs from Illustrator, on a 1500×1500 px artboard, and they keep turning out really small and pixelated, not big, beautiful, and vector-like as usual! Help! Answer Don’t use Export, use “Save For Web” which lets you preview and specify the exact pixel dimensions to output. If you want to … Read more

Printer resolution (two different numbers) I just don’t get it

I’m searching for a printer that will give me the highest quality print out for a press-n-peel / etching project I’m playing around with and I just realized that I seem to be having a blonde moment.. I don’t understand the thought process of why printers describe the maximum print resolution as a formula (e.g. … Read more

Adobe InDesign 5.5: why when I place some pics they come out with a very lower resolution in the doc?

The images I’m using are from different sources but most of all flickr (few from other websites). When I download them in 500 pixel size for example, they look ok in Anteprima, but when I place them in InDesign doc some are really small – some with an impossible resolution, others with a lower resolution … Read more