Time machine restoration frozen at “Preparing to restore “Macintosh HD”…*

I am using Time Machine to restore a new MacBook Pro 16″. I am using an encrypted HDD that’s connected with USB 3 for the restoration. However, since about an hour the Mac is frozen at the step “Preparing to restore “Macintosh HD”…. Is this behavior normal? How long should a restoration take? Or should … Read more

Why are my photos not restored completely from a computer backup?

I downgraded my Iphone and after downgrading, I restored my backup downloaded in the Mac but not all of my photos are restored. I dont want to download my pictures from Icloud because it will not be chronologically arranged. I hope someone will help Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Jan , Answer … Read more

Is it possible to repackage macos app store app?

I have a MacOS App Store app that I depend upon, almost on an hourly basis, that is no longer available in the app store (or anywhere else for that matter). I’ve been tried contacting the original developer on multiple occasions on multiple platforms for almost three years, to no avail. I have even offered … Read more

Is an iPhone backup of 1st January 2001 midnight real?

A friend broke an iPhone (see Recover data from broken iPhone) and the Mac computer shows an “unknown” backup dated 1st January 2001, at midnight, long before acquiring the phone or the computer: Restoring the backup to a new phone fails because it is encrypted and the owner does not remember either backing up or … Read more

Can I install any iOS version I wish by picking and choosing which firmware to restore?

I’m trying to downgrade my iPhone from the current iOS to an older one, as per this question. But every time I try, I always receive this error: The iPhone could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build. I have tried many times with and without DFU mode. Any ideas regarding … Read more

iPhone 7 only showing restore screen when plugged into a wall charger but not when plugged into my macbook air

My iPhone 7 will only display a restore screen when plugged into a wall charger. When unplugging the phone from the wall charger, the screen will turn back. If I try to use the iPhone charging cable to connect the phone to my Mac, the screen will remain black. I’m using a 64GB iPhone 7 … Read more