Color shift when image is converted to CMYK

I’m working with a graphic designer to design a book cover for a self-published title of mine on Amazon. The purple in the cover image becomes dull when converted to the required CMYK. Original Image This is what it looks like after being converted. The designer has adjusted the hue and saturation levels before the … Read more

Can RGB screen color exist in real physical world?

For example the bright royal blue color; R0 G10 B220, HEX: #000ae1. I know this color cannot be printed nor painted. But can this blue color exist in the real world other than on a digital screen? For example the aurora in the sky, or a rainbow in the sky? Answer You may wonder if … Read more

Illustrator – Using an RGB transparency mask in a CMYK file

My file is CMYK, but it has a Link to an RGB PSD file as a transparency mask. The file renders properly in illustrator (the preview), but whenever I try to export to any other format, the colors are messed up. When I converted the RGB PSD file (transparency mask) to CMYK within Illustrator, I … Read more

Problem converting RGB to CMYK for print

Below you find the design for our business cards. The triangles are yellow, as you can see outside of the canvas. However, inside the canvas, only when I set the Color Mode to CMYK, they appear pink. When I switch the Color Mode back to RGB, they appear yellow as expected. However, when I print … Read more

Soft proofing a duotone separated image in Photoshop

I need to prepared B&W images for 2-color offset printing. The print company advised to use 2 × blacks (one neutral black and one slightly warm tinted black), to get really appealing blacks in offset process. Now I need to separate the grayscale images in Photoshop to generate a duotone. I understood the way this … Read more