How to prevent Screen Capture in Android

Is it possible to prevent the screen recording in Android Application? I would like to develop an Android Secure Application. In that I need to detect screen recording software which are running background and kill them. I have used SECURE FLAG for prevent screenshots. But I dont know is it possible to prevent Video capturing … Read more

Name: Tags: Where: image frozen on my Mac Air desktop

I took a screen shot using Command +5 and apparently tapped “Record Selected Section”. That screen shot icon is frozen on my desktop. I have tried opening Terminal and typing: Killall finder. Didn’t work. Then I did same: Killall Docks. Didn’t work. I can’t trash it. It’s frozen. Thanks, Valerie Answer It’s been about 1/2 … Read more

Connect iPhone screen as camera without QuickTime

I’m trying to stream my iPhone screen and the usual approach is mirroring it to QuickTime via the “New Movie Recording” option (without actually pressing the record button), and then streaming QuickTime’s window with OBS Studio via the “Window capture” source. However, OBS has really high CPU consumption when streaming windows due to the “inefficiencies … Read more

iPhone XR black screen and hissing noise

Today my iPhone’s screen randomly went black when I was talking to someone on skype, nothing would work, I tried restarting, etc, plugging/unplugging the charging cable. It was also making a hissing noise while the screen was black. Everything went away after I used the combination to take a screenshot (volume up button + power … Read more