Select all objects in another object area in Adobe Illustrator

I explain the situation : I have objects in background and circles in front. I would like to select all objects in background that are contained in those circles area. The pathfinder will not work, because I need to select the complete objects and not just the anchor points contained in circles area. As in … Read more

how to get rid of Illustrator selection tool bold outline on topmost object?

Recently while I was working on illustrator, I noticed that instead of outlining every object I selected with the same box, the top most object within the selection would have a thicker, bold bounding box. I may have bumped a button somewhere that turned this feature on. Any ideas how to turn this feature off? … Read more

How can I draw shapes with a pen tool and colour them in without white artifacts?

In this (zoomed) picture you can see white artifacts at the edges of the coloured sides. This is caused by me selecting the white area of each face, and using that selection to limit the colouring-in. The problem is that the “magic wand” selection tool gives a selection with hard edges. Feathering the selection almost … Read more