Wondering how to achieve this blur text effect, hopefully in Sketch

Is there any way to easily generate this? thanks! Answer I just spent some time recreating this in Sketch for you. If you’d like to check out the raw file you can download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nxtj6htricmn7en/RdHzDCRIR6 Basically I’ve cloned the letter multiple times and applied a motion blur and opacity to achieve a similar effect. … Read more

How can I flatten (combine?) a group of brush strokes in Illustrator?

Warning: I am not an expert with Adobe Illustrator I have done an illustration, using Adobe Illustrator, of some hair and a beard using only brushstrokes. I want to copy-and-paste this illustration into a Sketch file. However, there are so many brush strokes (paths?) that it takes some time to copy-and-paste the illustration between documents. … Read more

iOS UI design – what dimension size Sketch file to give to developer?

Assuming an iOS app has been designed for iphone 4,5,6,6+ and iPad, what is the ideal dimension Sketch file to give to a developer? This is also assuming there are no major layout changes in the actual design. I’m basically just wanting to avoid having to create a separate version for each resolution. Is it … Read more