Executing cv::warpPerspective for a fake deskewing on a set of cv::Point

I’m trying to do a perspective transformation of a set of points in order to achieve a deskewing effect: http://nuigroup.com/?ACT=28&fid=27&aid=1892_H6eNAaign4Mrnn30Au8d I’m using the image below for tests, and the green rectangle display the area of interest. I was wondering if it’s possible to achieve the effect I’m hoping for using a simple combination of cv::getPerspectiveTransform … Read more

font-style: oblique as a substitute for italic, and vice versa

I have a hard time trying to understand font-style during investigation of transient bugs in a SVG→PNG converter) and comparing it against rendering in browsers. Common italic fonts don’t slant such symbols as “=” and “|”, and this has a solid reason because these are signs of (mathematical etc.) operations, not letters. After learning more … Read more

Skewing/Shearing Text On A Path In Photoshop or Illustrator?

How can I skew or shear text on a circular path in either photoshop or illustrator? I need the text running along the bottom outside of the circle to skew the opposite direction of italics (slanting to the left). Apparently, this is something that has never been done before because I can’t find anything on … Read more

Is there a way to make the bounding box of a group rotate with the group in Illustrator?

I’m trying to skew square grouped art onto a “cube” shape (a hexagon). I can get the two sides, but the top “diamond” is hard to do because, when I rotate the square image to match the front edge of the diamond, the bounding box resets to align with the x and y axes, preventing … Read more