Store notes within folders (alternative Dropbox Paper)

I would like to store a note or text document within a finder folder and have that sync across all my devices and my wife’s devices. And be accessed from the note/text app itself. This is currently totally possible with Dropbox Paper, but Dropbox Paper is slow. I’m looking for something as simple and quick … Read more

Blind: Looking for solution to sync audio described MP3 with movie from other source to not disturb others

I’m new here so I hope I get this right… I’m blind and am looking for a way of syncing up an mp3 downloaded from: which has the audio described tracks taken from movies, with the specific movie. For example, I could get the MP3 of Back To The Future which is the full … Read more

Parental control software for iPhone11 and Apple devices in general

Apple is known for the hard restriction of privacy which makes it hard to get lots of deep monitoring (or spying) features such as reading social messages to work on non jail-broken devices. iOS14 is equipped with built-in ScreenTime app, but this only lets you schedule the on and off times, with no ability for … Read more

Simple remote server monitoring application like previous iStat Server / iStat View

I am searching for an application to quickly monitor CPU Usage / Memory usage of a remote (local) linux server. An alternate of ssh user@server -t ‘htop’ It looks like the ancestor of iStats Menu allowed something like this with iStats Server and iStats View. But those two software are now deprecated. Does somebody know … Read more

iOS map app that can load MBTiles tileset

Are there any good map apps that will allow me to load the map from an MBTiles tileset file? I’m looking for something that will allow me to use the map offline while hiking. Answer I recommend you one of these : Guru Maps, its free version allow you to load 3 offline MBTiles. Their … Read more

Mac app similar to Scribble feature in iPadOS

I want to use a graphic tablet (for example from Wacom) to navigate through my Mac as alternative to a mouse or trackpad. It would be amazing if I could also use it to replace my keyboard for writing. iPadOS has recently introduced its Scribble feature which allows the user to write into a textfield … Read more