Update Calculator/Spotlight Currency Conversion

I understand that Spotlight uses Calculator for currency conversion. I noticed that the conversation rate in Spotlight was inaccurate. It was showing the rate from at least 6 months ago. When I tried testing the conversion in the Calculator app itself, I discovered that trying to do currency conversion specifically crashes the app. Other conversions … Read more

Had to disable Spotlight indexing in Catalina to stop mds_stores using over 100% CPU. Surely there’s a better way?

I have three Macs of various vintages running 10.15.7, all with the latest updates. My 2019 MBP 16″ is the only one that’s suffering from mds_stores going nuts and using over 100% CPU. As a temporary solution I’ve added all volumes to the Privacy tab, so Spotlight is basically useless, but it seems the only … Read more

Spotlight / Finder – search words within files and preview occurrence

When searching for specific words inside documents, upon getting the results, is there a way to then preview in the document where that word occurs without having to first open the document and perform the search again within the application? Ideally, I’d like to hit spacebar and have the preview jump to that section of … Read more

Cannot remove spotlight item from menu bar with `defaults`

When unchecking “Show in Menu Bar” in System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar > Spotlight, it removes the NSStatusItem Visible Item-0 from com.apple.Spotlight.plist. When enabling the setting, it sets this key to true. It can be easily verified by using defaults read com.apple.Spotlight before and after unchecking the setting. I’m trying to automate this … Read more