convert pdf to svg

I want to convert PDF to SVG please suggest some libraries/executable that will be able to do this efficiently. I have written my own java program using the apache PDFBox and Batik libraries – PDDocument document = PDDocument.load( pdfFile ); DOMImplementation domImpl = GenericDOMImplementation.getDOMImplementation(); // Create an instance of org.w3c.dom.Document. String svgNS = “”; Document … Read more

Mouse position inside autoscaled SVG

I am experiencing troubles concerning the position of mouse cursor inside my SVG document. I’d like to design a potentiometer that will follow the cursor when dragged, using JavaScript in an HTML page. I tried evt.clientX/Y and evt.screenX/Y but as my SVG is in autoscale, coordinates inside my SVG are different. I have been searching … Read more

How to place multiple evenly-spaced arrowheads along an SVG line?

I am new to SVG and I am trying to draw a straight line between two points. I managed so far by using this command: <line x1=”50″ y1=”50″ x2=”150″ y2=”150″ style=”stroke:rgb(255,255,0); stroke-width:2″ stroke-dasharray=”5,3″ />” What is the simplest way to add tiny triangles or arrow heads (evenly spaced) over this line in order to indicate … Read more