What is the difference between a spot color and a global process color?

I just learned about both global process color swatches and spot color swatches (which are inherently global) in Adobe Illustrator. My question: What is the difference between the two? When should I use a spot color and when should I use a global process color? Answer Spot colors are vendor specific colors. These colors are … Read more

I would like to back up my User Defined Swatches Library created in Illustrator

I would like to back up my User Defined Swatches Library created Illustrator. How can I ensure these are saved if something happens to my computer, my swatches don’t show in the Swatches Folder in the Ai Application folder… Answer Open the swatch panel and click on the libraries button on the bottom and then … Read more

How do I change a color from a swatch library and actually change all the objects that have that color applied in the document?

Is there a way to create a swatch library, apply different colors from that swatches library to a lot of objects (e.g. a red swatch to 30 objects, a lime swatch to 170 objects, etc.) and after, If I want to change the red to dark red without selecting layers/groups, just by changing the colors … Read more

What is the use of registration black in the InDesign swatches palette?

InDesign displays [registration], 100% of each ink colour, as a swatch in the swatches palette. It’s impossible to remove the swatch. Why is this? I have never had the need to actually use [registration] in my works, as far as I know it’s only ever used to create printer’s marks, and that’s done by InDesign … Read more

What color swatch is this?

Trying to figure out how to load the swatch pictured in the below image in Inkscape: Answer I believe those are Google’s ‘Material Design’ colors… You can download the swatches for use in Inkscape and Gimp here: https://github.com/KiSSFLOW/gimp-material-design-color-palette And for Photoshop and Illustrator here: https://material.io/guidelines/resources/color-palettes.html AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Ole , Answer … Read more