Macbook Air shutting off on lid close

Every time I close the lid of my Macbook Air, it turns off and I have to manually start it later when I open the lid again. It also doesn’t persist some of my settings such as volume level, desktop layouts (order of screens and which applications are full screened), and command line PATH changes … Read more

App Keyboard Shortcuts Display Bug?

I’m encountering what appears to be a bug in the display of  > System Preferences > Keyboard: Shortcuts – App Shortcuts. The shortcuts are functional, but as you can see, their names randomly display as ellipses. The phenomenon seems random. Quitting/reopening sys prefs will cause the badly displayed items to change. Adding or deleting … Read more

Opening specific URL in a not-default browser no matter from where it’s called from (without using Choosy app)

I need a certain URL to be always opened in a browser that’s not systems default browser. Problem is, that this should happen even if the URL is called automatically from within a hardcoded 3rd party app. Answer Force URL link to open with a specific browser on one hand is focussing on .webloc and … Read more

How do I use the ‘Profiles’ tab in System Preferences?

I’ve found a bunch of random (sketchy-looking) files inside the Profiles pane of System Preferences. To delete them, I need to be an admin, but no matter how many times I put my account on admin, it says I don’t have admin permissions. My thinking is that one of the configuration profiles is causing this. … Read more

Identify the correct key used by defaults system when changing settings using System Preferences

I would like to identify which key is being changed in which file when a specific checkbox is unchecked in System Preferences (in my case it’s System Preferences → Keyboard → Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar, but I’m interested in a general solution that would work not only with checkboxes). How can … Read more

How to give an application with a modifed Info.plist access to the microphone?

I have an application which requests access to the microphone, and when I accept everything works as it should. But I want to hide from the dock (to have it run in the background sort of). To do this I add this: <key>NSUIElement</key> <string>1</string> to the Info.plist. Once I do this, the application hides from … Read more

How can I disable the red Software Update notification bubble on the System Preferences app in MacOS Mojave (not App Store)?

I keep the “System Preferences” app icon in my dock in Mojave. I recently checked for updates, and found one, but I’m not ready to install it just yet and the red notification dot over the settings app is really bothering my obsessive-compulsive self. To make things worse, there’s no way to disable the notification … Read more

Security & Privacy is not responding

I need to change enable camera for Google Chrome. So I go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and it hangs. Console log: Dec 13 07:17:37 macabook[1] ( Path not allowed in target domain: type = pid, path = /Library/Apple/System/Library/Frameworks/SafariServices.framework/Versions/A/XPCServices/ error = 122: Path had bad ownership/permissions, origin = /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Security.prefPane/Contents/XPCServices/ Dec 13 07:17:37 … Read more