How do I create a two toned color or watercolor look in illustrator or photoshop?

I am trying to create the two toned watercolor texture effect like the image found below. I have tried unsuccessfully to create it using Photoshop and Illustrator. Results I come up with don’t effectively blend the colors like the example. Answer It’s really a 3 tone effect. If you want to easily recreate it in … Read more

How do I create a granite / stone effect using Photoshop?

This might be weird but I want to PS the four cats… into something like the four presidents on Mount Rushmore… I haven’t touched PS for a long time, would appreciate some hints here. Answer Look up Texture Mapping in Photoshop and Displacement Map Photoshop and you’ll get closer to the results you’re after than … Read more

How do I make this kind of noise grunge effect in Illustrator?

How do I make this kind of noise grunge effect in Illustrator? Have tried Pixelate effect but does not look good. Thank you in advance for your answer!! Answer This is not exactly the same as your examples… Especially the first one, but maybe it’s close enough. Start with a white rectangle Effect > Artistic … Read more

How do I replicate this (3D) metal texture?

I work with 3D models. I’m currently trying to replicate this solid kind of surface texturing as accurately as possible: This is what I got by using chrome texturing. It’s not close enough, there’s too much shine and mirroring: Can anyone recommend a more fitting texture as basis? Answer OK- I will weigh in here … Read more