Reinstalling macOS but not option of “Restoring from Time Machine backup” shown

I am struggling to restore my system from a MacBook Pro of one generation to a more new one. What I have tried: I restart the system in recover mode: “cmd + r” I choose the proper backup version from my Time Machine hard drive I “Accept” but id doesn’t allow me because is a … Read more

how to backup MacOS under bootcamp windows7?

Background: My OSX partition was corrupted in some way by bootcamp or the paragon i was running on it. Similar incidents has happened twice before, but I don’t remember if the triggering conditions were exactly the same. This particular time, I initially had windows 7 on bootcamp go into sleep mode. However, I forgot about … Read more

Unable to access older time machine backups after turning file vault off?

I’ve had FileVault turned one since I purchased my Mac. I recently turned it off and I’ve found that I can no longer access my older backups from when FileVault was enabled. Is there any way to gain access to these backups or will I have to turn FileVault back on again? Thanks! Edit : … Read more

TimeMachine backup to shared windows drive via SMB?

I am trying to figure out how to reliably back up my 2013 MacBook pro to my Windows 7 desktop, living on the same network. The Windows machine is hardwired and the MacBook is connected via WiFi. The windows PC has a shared folder, named “MBP-TimeMachine”. I created a TimeMachine.sparsebundle disk image on my MacBook … Read more

How to restore a Time Machine backup from a 2 HDD setup to a single HDD

My current (being phased out) setup on my iMac is SSD contains OS, HDD contains my home folder. /Volumes/iMacSSD/ is the OS /Volumes/iMacSSD/Users/iMac or /Users/iMac is a symlink to /Volumes/iMacHDD/iMac /Volumes/iMacHDD/ is my 2T HDD I want to put everything on. There is enough room! On the time machine backup, that is how it is … Read more

Prevent Time machine backups from freezing a movie that’s playing (from the same disk as time capsule)

I have Time machine backing up every hour, so it will run inevitably at least once while I’m watching a (totally legally downloaded) movie, which I happen to store in the same external drive as the time capsule, so when it’s backing up the reproduction has some hiccups that mess all the video compression for … Read more