What is the proper HTML entity for the “x” in a dimension?

Is the proper HTML entity for giving dimensions ×? I want to be semantically correct, but that begs the question, is listing a dimension as 2″ x 3″ even semantic? If the x represents “by”, would I use the letter x or ×? In my code I’ve been using 2″ × 3″, or 2″ × 3″. The non-breaking spaces … Read more

Should I avoid using “text-align: justify;”?

Is there any reason to avoid using text-align: justify;? Does it reduce readability or cause problems? Answer Firstly, this is purely a design-related problem and solution. The design of your grid specifies if justifying text is needed. I think justify align alone has no major effect on usability. Bad typography that makes text illegible is … Read more

How do I style HTML5 canvas text to be bold and/or italic?

I’m printing text to a canvas in a pretty straight forward way: var ctx = canvas.getContext(‘2d’); ctx.font = “10pt Courier”; ctx.fillText(“Hello World”, 100, 100); But how can I change the text to bold, italic or both? Any suggestions to fix that simple example? Answer You can use any of these: ctx.font = “italic 10pt Courier”; … Read more

How to properly set line height for Android?

I am a UX architect working with a team of Android developers that are mostly junior. We are having issues properly setting line height in Android. We are using the Material Design spec as our guide for our app. In particular, you can see line height specs here: https://material.google.com/style/typography.html#typography-line-height Let’s use Body 2 as our … Read more

Algorithm to implement a word cloud like Wordle

Context Take a look at Wordle: http://www.wordle.net/ It’s much better looking than any other word cloud generators I’ve seen Note: the source is not available – read the FAQ: http://www.wordle.net/faq#code My Questions Is there an algorithm available that does what Wordle does? If no, what are some alternatives that produces similar kinds of output? Why … Read more

Missing diacritical marks in an Adobe licensed font

I’m designing a print publication in InDesign CC using Adobe Caslon, and the typeface appears to be missing these characters: This is how the text is rendering: Switching to a different font isn’t an option because it’s a 140-page periodical, and that would mean changing the whole darned thing. I’d like to avoid using images … Read more

How can I achieve this effect on my text?

I have recently scattered through the portfolio of a designer named Nicolas Girard, and noticed this fascinating typography art: I looked through the entire web and in every Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials site I know and tried to find an explanation to something somewhat similar to this text effect but I could not find anything… … Read more